La papa perfecta

Kenji, de Serios Eats, deconstruye y reelabora la mítica papa frita de McDonald’s, con la finalidad de crear la papa perfecta en casa. En su búsqueda, va inclusive al extremo de pedir papas congeladas en uno de los restaurantes:

I figured I’d be just be able to walk into the store and order them straight from the cashier.
«Welcome to McDonald’s, may I take your order?»
«Yes Ma’am. I’d like a large fries please, hold the cooking.»
«Excuse me?»
I know she’s already said no in her head, but I press on just the same: «Um… I’d just like the frozen fries please.»
«I’m sorry sir, we just don’t do that.»
Time for some intimidation tactics: «Ok. Could I speak to the manager please?»
«I am the manager.»
Sh*t. I bring out the really big guns: «Listen, the thing is, my wife is pregnant—like really pregnant—and she sent me on a quest for McDonald’s french fries. But she only likes them really fresh, like straight out of the fryer fresh, so I figured I’d just get some frozen, and fry them for her at home. You know how it is. Women—no accounting for’em, right?»

Consigue la receta completa en The Burger Lab: How to Make Perfect Thin and Crisp French Fries | A Hamburger Today.

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