The Way It Isn’t | Walter Cummins

Sobre las dificultades de intentar reconciliarte con tu esposa mientras amas a otra mujer:

Now Valerie was with Douglas, a man Carter couldn’t make himself like. He saw why Valerie was attracted to him – tall, athletic, thick graying curls, but with stooped shoulders and an irritating metallic laugh. Mainly, he suspected, she could manipulate Douglas, just as she did most of the men who hovered around her, seeming eager for their advice, pretending helplessness. He had told her that once, in bed in a strange motel, legs intertwined in a love-making lull. “You’re so wrong,” she had pleaded, but he could sense annoyance, even though she had urged him to reveal all his thoughts, to hold back nothing. She had promised to be just as honest. When it was over, as loudly as she had screamed his name in anonymous rooms, as much as she had murmured words of love, he came to understand that for her it was only an affair. But she hadn’t revealed that secret, and he hadn’t admitted he knew.

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