How Max Headroom Predicted the Demise of TV Journalism | Scott Brown

Max Headroom era esta cabeza parlate, regular de MTV, que vendía New Coke (Catch the wave!) y tuvo una corta serie de televisión. Aunque era casi un niño, hace 20 años, sus maneras y opiniones me parecían obviamente exageradas. Hoy, en retrospectiva, resultan premonitorias.

The irony, of course, is that two decades on, Max wouldn’t stand out in a crowd (and not just because he has no legs). There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of heads-in-boxes today, each with just as many catchphrases — and just as few facts. With the hair and the hyperwhiteness, Fox News’ Beck is clearly the child of Max; he simply substitutes crocodile tears for neck-jerks when he tells us to “t-t-t-take our country back!”

vía Scott Brown on How Max Headroom Predicted the Demise of TV Journalism | Magazine.

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